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thoughts become things – don’t they? 3 June, 2008

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The coming day was about to be the happiest day of my entire life… I had this feeling that something was about to happen. The sun, sea, birds, sand, and… him. In my opinion he was the most charming, smart, funny and beautiful human being i’ve ever met. Patrick. He was a student at the arts university; a talented little artist ready to fly over the highest cliff of life.

The simple fact of meeting him was a trap laid by the destiny because he was about to radically change my life.

The coming day started with the morning sun shining on the clear blue sky and the view of the red sea filling my eyes. And of course there he was, walking slowly on the cold sand, walking towards me in a strange but pleasant way.

I could have ran away, far from that place, far from him but i didn’t do it. He stopped in front of me and said „Thoughts become things so… choose the good ones! I had the odd feeling that he was reading my mind but even so I couldn’t stop staring in his green eyes.

We sat down for a while and talked about everything and towards the end I began to change my view on life. From that moment I knew I was ment to be a dreamer… My life began to fast-forward until now – when I am sitting in the same spot as 20 years ago; seeing the same sunrise at the same red sea except he is not here anymore…and i am older. Who he was or what he was I will never know. But what I can tell you for sure is that that day changed my life because my thoughts from that dim lighted morning became real.

So…be careful what you wish for.


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