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Elektra beach – Thassos 24 August, 2009

I was totally let down when i arrived at elektra. fristly the staff was very unfriendly and they were not concerned about the problems of the customers. The balcoon door at my room was broken and i had no hot water in the first day. When I went to report the problems i found out that the staff only spoke greek and german. The breakfast was not so good and there were only 5 types of food that you could choose from. Another bad part was that you are were not allowed to swim in the pool at certain hours. The worst part though was the beach. despite the fact that it was very close, it was FULL of stones, sea weed and at the left there was a shipyard and the landscape was really bad. I will certainly not recommand to anyone to go there and i will surely not return at elektra!


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