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new invention!!! 23 November, 2009

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If I could invent something new I really could not decide upon what to invent because I have so many ideas.

Picture a machine that could slow down or speed up time…or something more “down to earth”… what about a plate that will remain squickey and clean no matter how many times you use it. Oh, or what about a wish machine? Just imagine… all your wishes will come true with one of those. But hey, I know… How about a chocolate that never ends? You open the pack, you eat, you close it and when you open it again SPUF, more chocolate!

There are millions of people addicted to chocolate. I myself am a very serious fan of chocolate. I could never live without it. Life without chocolate would be like life without colour; Monotone and dull. The sweet taste, the varieties of flavors, the smell and form of it just makes me want more.

I think that a never-ending chocolate will be an excellent invention. Many people would be happy to have one; they will all desire one. I will make it available in all flavors, colours and shapes possible. Just imagine how much money I will make…

I foresee a bright future for my invention, maybe one day I will succeed to make it reality. Until then I have nothing left but to keep going to the store and buy another and another and another chocolate because I could never live without it. 🙂


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